Sweet Grass Dental Associates

Shawn Mitchell, DDS

I am product of the community I serve: I know how caring, strong, and resourceful it is; I know the challenges we face and surmount; I know the diversity of experiences and life paths, and how each person’s stories and knowledge enrich us all.

Dentistry is a means of giving back to a community that supported me on my journey to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider in some form. At the same time, I was drawn to art and loved doing crafts that involved creating with my hands. I chose to enter the dental field after I was introduced to the craft by my older brother, Dr. Edward Mack (Mack Endodontics in Memphis, Tennessee).

Dentistry allows me to merge my two passions: art and caring for others!

As a dentist, I do not take my role as a healthcare provider lightly: I have seen the effects a lack of access to dentistry can have on a person. It is my mission to change the view of dental care in underserved communities, as well as give those same communities access to the latest technologies and procedures that are able to properly assess and address their fundamental needs.

Dentistry is my passion. Bringing my services to underserved communities is a long-awaited dream come true!

Education and Professional Affiliations

One of the most fascinating aspects of dentistry is the ongoing advancement. I seek to constantly challenge myself in all aspects of my craft to ensure that I am at my best to face any dental need my patients may have.

I am particularly interested in technological innovations, and incorporating those the best of those into patient care. I am excited to offer leading-edge dental services to underserved populations, improving individual’s health and wellbeing.

Continuing education – through meetings, seminars, lectures, and journals – allows my practicing of dentistry to be a non-stop learning experience.

I am an active member of the:

These professional organizations offer numerous opportunities for continual learning. I take advantage of all that allow me to broaden my knowledge and hone my skills in order to best serve those who trust me with their care.

Supporting Others

I am honored to be able to help others beyond providing dental services. I am a co-founder of Project Dream, a non-profit created to get kids in underserved communities interested in careers in healthcare.

I am also active in the AGF Academy as a volunteer mentor. In this organization, we mentor young African-American males whom are products of broken families and communities, serving as supportive male figures in the many facets of their lives.

Personal Life

When I’m not working, much of my time is spent with my lovely wife. If not with her, or participating in community events, I can be found pursuing my other two main projects:

I am passionate about artistic expression in multiple ways, so I created two companies to satisfy those needs outside of dentistry: Eye of Elohim is my photography and videography company and SweetGrass Clothing CO. is my clothing brand.